Leapfrogging an MFI in Bangladesh from ‘Manual to Digital’

Since 2015 the OPTIX project has been working with  SAJIDA Foundation, a non-governmental organization and microfinance institution in Bangladesh, to help them serve their low-income customers better by improving their ‘financial health.’ We worked out five ‘pathways’ that would impact three specific areas that together make for someone’s financial health: resilience when money is scarce, confidence in money management, and trust that financial institutions and products can help.

We also wanted to help SAJIDA and the other three OPTIX project institutions become more familiar with data-driven decision making, so their strategies had the greatest chance of success. This included helping them cope with change, including retraining field staff so they would feel comfortable communicating differently - and more effectively - with their customers. Watch this video to know more about how SAJIDA Foundation embraced the challenge of change and improved the way they’re doing business.