Help Financial Institutions Scale and Improve their Offerings

“Financial institutions...really broke the mold 20, 30 years ago when they started offering financial services to low-income people,” says Evelyn Stark, Assistant Vice-President for Financial Inclusion at MetLife Foundation. Over that time, things have evolved significantly, and these institutions have gotten stronger. They've gotten smarter about how they serve people, but they haven't always kept up with the changes.

“Now, we're into new products and different products, mobile phones have just exploded, and digital is a new area. So, at each one of these iterations, we've asked institutions to change...or rather, their customers have asked them to change, but this is still a very difficult thing to do. Change is hard.” OPTIX was created in order to address this gap and help financial institutions truly scale and improve their offerings to create a meaningful impact on the financial health of their customers.

The OPTIX Journey