OPTIX Demo Gallery

OPTIX Project is helping its partners financial institutions in designing solutions that enables customers to actively use a range of financial products that improve their financial security, provide them with greater financial control, and create new opportunities to improve their lives. The videos below demonstrate some of the solutions that have enabled the institutions to broaden their range of services and the ways in which they engage with clients while boosting customer retention.

Microcredit to Microenterprise Loans - A Digital Onboarding Experience

SAJIDA Foundation

The OPTIX project began working with SAJIDA Foundation, an MFI-NGO servicing low-income customers in Bangladesh, in 2015. They have been providing loans to microentrepreneurs and successful borrowers usually graduate from relatively small, general-purpose productivity loans to larger credits for their ventures… Read more

Helping Clients Save for the Future


“How much money do people typically imagine they should and could save for emergency needs? Is it different from what they need for their children’s education? “ These are the kind of questions that loan officers of CEP, a microfinance institution in Vietnam, were trying to answer… Read more

Getting Loans to Clients Faster with the Acreimex App


OPTIX worked with ACREIMEX, a cooperative serving low-income customers in Mexico to solve a product puzzle. One of the institution’s products is a group credit loan that has played a pivotal role in its success. But we found that the product could have been an even greater success for ACREIMEX if it could only cut loan approval times. … Read more