Bilateral Visits Between OPTIX Institutions

OPTIX facilitates bilateral exchanges so institutions have the opportunity to visit each other and observe successful (and unsuccessful) approaches to cross-sell, client engagement and data drive decision making at their peer institutions in the project. The institutions can visit each other or they can also visit a “third-party” institution implementing relevant activities (and open to hosting such a visit).  The objective of these visits is to facilitate the transfer of in-depth technical and practical know-how, including review and interaction across institutions around core themes, such as: marketing, staff and management incentives, profitability, local strategic alliances, technology and other innovations, channel/distribution, core banking systems and navigation of regulatory issues.  


CEP visited SAJIDA Foundation

SAJIDA Foundation Visited Acreimex

Banco W Visited Equity Bank in Kenya & Tanzania

WWB Banco is developing an agent network strategy with OPTIX support. In order to learn more about agency banking and agent channel strategies, BFA accompanied Banco W to visit Equity Bank in Kenya and Tanzania to learn from their practices in setting up, launching and scaling a successful agent network.