Brendan Ahern

senior associate

Brendan Ahern specializes in creating and developing business models and financial analytics tools for banks and financial service providers seeking to reach client segments historically underserved within their respective markets. His work also focuses on the costing of alternative banking delivery channels such as agent networks and the costing and usage of specific payment instruments, including card and mobile, and how these elements influence provider business models. Working on behalf of the bankers’ association of a large east African country, Brendan recently co-created and developed a model of the cost and revenue synergies associated with the installation of a domestic financial ‘switch’ capable of processing upwards of two billion transactions, which would drive substantially greater levels of interoperability across retail and financial sectors. Brendan holds an M.C.P. (City Planning) from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.T. (Teaching) from Pace University, and a B.A. (History) from Cornell University.  

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