Microcredit to Microenterprise Loans - A Digital Onboarding Experience

The OPTIX project began working with SAJIDA Foundation, an MFI-NGO servicing low-income customers in Bangladesh, in 2015. They have been providing loans to microentrepreneurs and successful borrowers usually graduate from relatively small, general-purpose productivity loans to larger credits for their ventures.

During our collaboration, we realised that SAJIDA had found its paper-based loan process involved many steps that frustrated busy microentrepreneurs.  Different branches would also use varying approaches to customer assessment based on who was mentoring the staff on a daily basis.

It was clear that SAJIDA needed a more efficient, standardized system through which to offer its microenterprise loans. So we worked with them to build an app called the microenterprise loan origination app or ME app. Watch this demo to learn more about how the app is changing SAJIDA’s onboarding process to the extent that, today, they are rolling out this solution across all their branches.