Helping Clients Save for the Future

“How much money do people typically imagine they should and could save for emergency needs? Is it different from what they need for their children’s education? “ These are the kind of questions that loan officers of CEP, a microfinance institution in Vietnam, were trying to answer. However, they found it difficult to set targets and saving goals for their customers. At the same time, CEP wanted to help its vulnerable clients build financial resilience for their long-term futures but their field officers had no experience or training in advising customers on their savings plans.

Under the OPTIX project, we worked with CEP to build a financial advisory services app to help field staff communicate the benefits of long-term savings to clients and advise them on the best savings plan to achieve their goals. After this effort, 96 percent of the customers said that loan officers who used the app were able to better explain the products to them. Watch this demo to learn more how this app works and how it’s making life of these loan officers easier.